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Portland Oregon Attorney

Portland Oregon DUI Attorney

If you are looking for someone to meet your criminal defense or contract needs then look no further.

Shanon Gray (GrayLaw.org) is an experienced, successful, and talented DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney in the greater Portland, Oregon area.
Oregon Dui and Criminal Defense Attorney

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Criminal Defense Attorney Washington County

Criminal Defense Attorney Washington County

If you suddenly found yourself in the sorry position of needing a criminal defense attorney Washington County, would you know which law office to call? If you've never been in trouble before, you might not know a good lawyer. That's why we're here. Welcome to the online home of Gray Law firms of Oswego, Oregon.

If you have never before been in trouble with the law, you will probably feel panic if and when you are arrested. Try not to do that. Panic doesn't help anything, but calling a good criminal defense attorney Washington County will. It would be a wise idea to keep the number of a great lawyer with you at all times, as one really never knows what strange things can happen. Many people are arrested falsely. They didn't do anything illegal, but they look like a suspect or are driving a car similar to one used in a robbery getaway. Don't assume for a moment that the jailor is going to listen to your story and simply let you go. Rarely, if ever, does it work out that way. We can't make promises in this brief article, other than to say that if you hire Gray Law firms, we'll do everything legally possible to get you out of jail and clear your name.

We hope you don't ever need a criminal defense attorney Washington County, but, if you do, we're here to help. Nobody should try to defend themselves in court without a brilliant attorney at their side. There are more things to understand about state and federal law than the average citizen can imagine. We can't promise to win your case, but we do promise to work diligently to present you in the best possible light before a judge and jury. The sooner you contact Gray Law firms, the sooner we can get to work to keep you out of jail.

Shanon Gray Law
415 N. State Street Suite 140 Lake Oswego, OR 97034
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