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Portland Oregon Attorney

Portland Oregon DUI Attorney

If you are looking for someone to meet your criminal defense or contract needs then look no further.

Shanon Gray (GrayLaw.org) is an experienced, successful, and talented DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney in the greater Portland, Oregon area.
Oregon Dui and Criminal Defense Attorney

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Criminal Defense Attorney Beaverton Or

Criminal Defense Attorney Beaverton Or

If you are in serious need of an excellent criminal defense attorney, Beaverton OR might not be the repository of world class law firms that you are hoping to find. No worries. Gray Law firms is in nearby Oswego at 644 N. State Street. Attorney Shanon Gray represents every type of criminal case.

Will a lawyer defend you in court, even if you did a dastardly deed? Of course, they will. Every person in the United States of America has the right to an attorney, no matter what. It's in the Constitution. You can be totally honest with your criminal defense attorney Beaverton OR. Actually, it is highly recommended that you are as honest as possible with any lawyer who takes your case. Do it before they take your case. A criminal defense attorney Beaverton OR is legally bound to hold your information in very close confidence. You could go so far as to say your secret is safe with Gray Law firms. Please be aware that we cannot and will not make an iron clad promise to win in a court of law. No competent lawyer will tell you that. What we will promise is that we'll work diligently on your case and provide you with the best defense we can muster.

When you require the services of a competent criminal defense attorney Beaverton OR, get in touch with Shanon Gray. If you have been charged with a serious crime, you need to contact a good criminal defense attorney Beaverton OR without delay. The Gray Law firms offices are located at 644 N. State Street in Lake Oswego, Oregon. If you are visiting this website on behalf of someone who is currently incarcerated, please send us an email and explain the situation. Alternately, you may use the Contact form on this site. We are Gray Law firms and we're here to help.

Shanon Gray Law
415 N. State Street Suite 140 Lake Oswego, OR 97034
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