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Portland Oregon Attorney

Portland Oregon DUI Attorney

If you are looking for someone to meet your criminal defense or contract needs then look no further.

Shanon Gray (GrayLaw.org) is an experienced, successful, and talented DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney in the greater Portland, Oregon area.
Oregon Dui and Criminal Defense Attorney

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Criminal Defense Attorney Clackamas County

Criminal Defense Attorney Clackamas County

Need a great criminal defense attorney Clackamas County? Please get in touch with Shanon Gray at Gray Law firms without delay. Gray handles every sort of criminal defense case. If and when you require reliable counsel, call Gray Law firms at 503.957.9699. The sooner you call, the sooner we can prepare your defense.

If you're in trouble with the authorities, please speak with a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney Clackamas County. Do it without delay. In fact, if you have not yet contacted a lawyer, use the Contact form on this website right now. You can come back and read this article in a couple of minutes. The sooner you get in touch with Gray Law firms, the sooner we can work together to prepare your defense. It really doesn't matter whether you did the crime or not. If you think for a minute that no innocent person goes to jail in the good old USA, you're wrong. There are people languishing behind bars in every state of the union, for crimes they did not commit. There can be compelling evidence of your innocence, yet you could still do time.

Doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, does it? We will tell you right now that finding this website may be the smartest thing you've done, as far as your court case is concerned. Gray law firms has the savvy and experience to put together the best possible defense. The Gray Law firms offices are located at 644 N. State Street in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Not every law office in Oregon is home to a great criminal defense attorney Clackamas County. If you are visiting this website on behalf of someone who is currently incarcerated, please send us an email and briefly describe their plight. Alternately, you may use the Contact form on this site. We are Gray Law firms and we're here to help.

Shanon Gray Law
415 N. State Street Suite 140 Lake Oswego, OR 97034
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